*If you are interested in running for MOSHAPE President-Elect contact our Past President/Awards Chair. 
*If you are interested in serving on a Committee or volunteering contact our Current President.

Executive Committee


Anna Forcelledo
Rockwood School District
[email protected]

Dr. Patrick Fine
Past President
[email protected] 

Sally Schulte
[email protected]

Dr. Tom Loughrey
Executive Director
[email protected]

Guy Danhoff
Missouri Baptist University
[email protected]


 *Click here for a history of Past Presidents

Board of Directors

*Committee names in bold

Advocacy Chair

Dr. Sheri Beeler
[email protected]

Future Directions Chair
Dr. Brandy Lynch
University of Central Missouri
[email protected]

Awards Chair
(votes as Past President)
Dr. Patrick Fine
[email protected] 

Initiatives Chair

Dr. Jodie Leiss
Northwest Missouri State University
[email protected]


Future Professionals President
Brooke Jenkins 
Missouri State University
[email protected]


EDI Chair
Sean Nevills
[email protected]

Member Services Chair

Brad Brummel
Coordinator of PE, Health, & Engagement Act.
Springfield Public Schools
[email protected]

health. moves. minds State Coordinator
Kristi Bieri
Odessar School District
[email protected]

Marketing/Communications Chair
Chris Stehle
Lee's Summit R7 School District
[email protected]


Ex-Officio Members (non-voting)

DESE CDC Grant Liason

Laura Beckmann
Director of Health, PE and School Wellness
[email protected]

DESE Director of H/PE Liason
Zac Wheeler
Director of Health and Physical Education

za[email protected]

Director of Technology

Mary Driemeyer
Lindbergh Schools
[email protected]