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The MOSHAPE Board of Directors approved an Incentive Program for health.moves.minds Coordinators.  

This incentive program will consist of:

1.  Recognition on MOSHAPE website for all Coordinators who sponsor an event.

2.  For school coordinators raising more than $2,000, there will be a recognition award (a very usable item), to be given at Convention.

3.  For school coordinators raising more than $5,000, a free MOSHAPE convention registration ($160 value) will be given for the subsequent year (If a member raises more than $5,000 during the 2021-2022 school year, that member would receive free registration to the 2021 Convention.)                   

4.  For school coordinators raising more than $10,000, a free convention registration to both MOSHAPE ($160 value) and SHAPE America ($350 value) Conventions. will be given for the subsequent year.                                                                                         

5.  All awards are to be designated for the use by one Event Coordinator per school, and cannot be transferred to another member.  Therefore, only one award will be given per school.                                                                                                   

6.  REMEMBER - You can choose to receive up to 50% of all funds raised to improve your program and your school - this is a great way to grow your program!!! PLUS an opportunity for a 5% bonus over the amount of your GOPHER gift card. 

Please take time to register and begin planning your event for this school year.  Let's show the nation we are deeply committed to providing great programs to students and communities.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Schools!!